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There is nothing cuter than family Halloween costumes. Dressing as part of an ensemble is great fun for everyone, unless one of your kids has a suggestion that makes you frown. Khloé Kardashian explained in a Thursday episode The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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In a preview for the upcoming episode on Thursday, Kardashian admitted that her 3-year-old daughter True has big plans for their family costumes this year. “True is going to be Moana and she wants me to be Pua the Pig,” Kardashian said of the Disney character’s sidekick.

“So it’s a little fishy of her but it’s okay,” she joked. “I will be Pua for True.” This is called love!

Kardashian’s team spirit is just one small example of mom’s dedication to her baby girl.

In a recent interview with Health, Kardashian explained how she works hard to make sure True, whom she shares with NBA player Tristan Thompson, doesn’t develop the same negative body image she struggled with as a teenager and young adult.

“[True is] very large. People will always say, “She’s so tall. And I’ll say, ‘Oh, she’s so big.’ I try to make them more descriptive, ”Khloe told point of sale. “I know what an adult means when he says that, but I don’t want her to misinterpret it.”

We love it! We hope the family have an amazing Halloween and that Khloe shares a lot of photos.

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