Mom rescued by smart teenager and a new pair of sneakers


– Thanks to his quick wit and calmness, a teenager in eastern Maine was able to save his mother. Kristen Iarrobino just wanted to step out in her slippers for a moment and considered the possibility that the ground was more dangerous than it looked and that she might need better shoes. “I thought well, I want my feet to be warm,” she said WABI. She tripped, fell and landed with one hand on her coffee mug, which broke. A shard from the cut sliced ​​her wrist so deep that “the hand surgeon said I had a quarter inch going through my entire wrist,” Kristen said. CNN. Kristen saw the injury and immediately told her son, Cyrus, 16, to call 911. Cyrus thought she might be overreacting, until he saw the injury.

The 911 dispatcher told them it would take at least 15 minutes before an ambulance could reach them, and, after Cyrus explained how much blood there was, told him to do a tourniquet. Cyrus went in search of a string and a piece of wood, and landed on his new shoes as a source of string. “I had these new shoes that I had just bought, like new, and I just ripped the strings off them like an oblivious Hulk force,” Cyrus said. He grabbed a small piece of plywood next to the house and pulled the string tight. Kristen said it was the most painful thing she had ever experienced, more painful than having a baby. Two surgeries later, Kristen has a visible scar and a lot of gratitude for the paramedics, hospital staff, and Cyrus’ ability to remain calm in a crisis. (Read more insightful articles.)

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