Gangs Of Youths release new single “The Man Himself”


Following the July release of Total serene EP, Australian rockers Gang Of Youths may have given us a taste of their upcoming album which has yet to be announced. In “The Man Himself”, singer Dave Le’aupepe wonders what his future looks like without his father by his side – who he told Uproxx’s Steven Hyden in an interview last month was his “best mate in the world. world”. Before his father died of cancer in 2018, Le’aupepe knew nothing of his history coming from Samoa to Australia and it started a fire inside the singer to connect with his roots.

The song opens with pristine strings that unfurl in a rhythm of drums and bass before Le’aupepe delivers the song’s chorus with a moving Bono-like tour de force:

Hey now
I don’t know how to feel, I don’t know how to feel alright
But I wanna become my own man I guess
Hey now
I don’t know if I’ll ever feel alright
And let everything change into things that can make a man grow

The tension he feels as he grapples with the path of life without his father is palpable, and we are driven to ride this wave of grief by his side. And while the group has thrived since their recent move to London, Le’aupepe is still considering how to move forward without his best friend.

“If I ever have kids, I don’t really know how to raise them without my dad helping me. “

Gang Of Youths is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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